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Custom Web development, Mobile apps, Big Data and Augmented Reality solutions
There is no silver bullet that will solve all of your problems at once. Except professional and reliable development team.

Custom web development

We provide custom web solutions for requirements of any complexity. You have a problem - we know how to solve it! From conception, design, to deployment and QA, we understand the software development cycle and feel confident in guiding you through your project whether it may be a landing page or a multi tiered platform.

Big Data

Solutions for Big Data: data protection, data processing, data analysis, decision-making algorithms Big Data is everywhere nowadays. And it's easy to understand its popularity: analysis of your business data and optimal and automated decision-making process can increase your profitability twice, machine learning algorithms can provide efficiency and automation that couldn't be even imagined before.

Augmented Reality Apps

Everything related to AR: from Android and iOS AR apps to Hololens and Magic Leap. We are using Unity for all AR development. Completely new and emerging software development direction. There are strong deficit of developers who has strong AR skills at the moment. We are not just hiring new developers with AR skills - we also teach them and have our own internal school of AR development.

Business oriented

We develop solutions that solve your problems and help you to achieve new horizons in your business. The only measurement of our success is your succeess. Sometimes standard development rules are not aligned with business needs. We don't just mindlessly follow development process rules - we flexible enough to make process work for us.

Our Skills

We started as web development agency and worked few years with custom web solutions based on frameworks and technologies like Angular, React, .NET and .NET Core, NodeJS and Python. For years of software development we also mastered skills required in Big Data world. At the moment we are building our Augmented Reality department. So many steps have been done... So much more ahead of us!

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Custom Web Development


Big Data


Augmented Reality

Core people behind

Skilled and creative IT professionals.

Denis Gvozd


Dmitry Bezzubenkov


Andrey Poklyak



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